"It was in interesting read, with a perspective that I hadn't had before." - Tena

Reviews for "This is My Heaven" :

Reviews for "After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby" :

"Loved this captivating plot so much, a precious inspirational story beautifully depicting a voyage from one wicked mind to the next one..   the natural, demonic and evil of the corporeal sin come to a suspenseful play in this endlessly enthralling Christian fiction. A highly recommended treat." - Kelly

Reviews for "God the Father, Jesus the Big Brother, Holy Spirit the Best Friend" :

"The illustrations were really vivid, the language was good. I would share this book with some children and maybe adults I know but I am aware it was some pretty heavy content. It would be of interest to people dealing with a hard point in their lives." -  Joanne

“An imaginative glimpse into the unseen world of spiritual warfare and the hope we have that our prayers are always heard.”
 — Matt Drane, Campus Minister at the University of Memphis

“A fresh, original, fictional story by a growing, talented Author; a contemplation of a family's encounter with Angels between Heaven and Earth.” –Liz Dodd, A Christian Mother

"(Sunshine's book) taught me new things and I'm trying to master CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy). In this book, she uses CBT parallel with God and backs everything up with scripture. This is probably the most real book I have read." -Joel Bratton

“As Sunshine Rodgers’ wonderfully illustrates, prayer is always powerful and effective. As a person who battles to be always thinking truth and to not doubt,
this book is a great encouragement!”
— Chuck Lester, Tennessee Chi Alpha Director  

"There were days God used it to convict me, remind me, and always bless me. It was a timely book for this stage of my life. I am so happy you allowed God to use you to write the book. It truly felt God ordained." -Veronica Taylor

Book Reviews

 This book is one of the best I have read in a while. If you have not gone out and bought one you should do so Today! If not for yourself for someone else we all have someone who could use this. #sunshine #greatlesson&read #loved it - Carol H.

“A creative and insightful story of the power of prayer. “Last Night, When I Prayed” reminds us that no prayer is insignificant.”
—  Jacki Drane, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries

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"Sunshine's book about the Trinity is a breath of fresh air to all who are seeking wisdom about the Godhead." -RuthAnn Webb

"Wow. What a powerful little book. It is a great contemporary story of spiritual warfare after the style of C S Lewis' The Screwtape Letters. It graphically portrays the power of prayer and the support of fellow believers in spiritual warfare. It gives good examples of how believers can be tempted and distracted. The main characters are teens so it would really speak to young readers. The aspect of the novel that impacted me the most was the distinction between people who call themselves Christians and true Christ followers. Whether you are a true believer or not really makes a difference in spiritual warfare. I highly recommend this book. It is not precisely theologically correct, I suppose. But then, it is fiction. Rodgers is clear in her note to readers that it is a fictitious look at what might be the minds and motivations behind the Enemy's work. It is certainly thought provoking!"
- Joan N. 

"I like this book! 😃 it brought me understanding about the Holy Trinity, particularly the Holy Spirit. For some reason the Holy Spirit always eluded me. But this book brought so much understanding. thank you for writing it!" - Zena

Reviews for "Last Night, When I Prayed" :