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I will be celebrating the newest release of my book "The Creation Project" and the Holy Grain Coffee Shop has agreed to host the Book Launch!

This event is from 11am - 1pm!
6735 Conroy Rd #109, Orlando, FL 32835

I will be there with:
Travis Rodgers: artist

I will also have copies of my other books with me! <3 


Sunshine's 5th  book, "The Creation Project" is officially released as an e-book, paperback,  hardcover available on Amazon.com! It is a Christian Fiction piece published by RWG Publishing, re-telling the Genesis story from God's Point of View.

Sunshine is an Author/Speaker/Motivator, traveling around and doing signings and teaching workshops. Connect with her on social media. She is the Author of 5 books! If you would like to give to her ministry, go to the Love Offering Tab

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