Which is better? The Movie or the Book?

I am here to break it down for you! 

I watched Christmas in Homestead on Hallmark Channel, and it was casted perfectly! Taylor Cole is a very believable Movie Actress and I applaud Michael Rady as Matt the Innkeeper/Mayor and Jeff Branson as the Action Star Vince Hawkins! The movie mirrors the book very well with similar lines and scenes. There are so many Christmas aspects like snowball fighting, ice skating, snowman building, decorating cookies, carriage rides and Christmas lights... a viewer can easily win playing Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo! And in the skating scene, there shows a quick and unmistakable Hallmark Crown logo (product placement!). My problem with the movie is that the romance with Jessica and Matt seems too forced - too quick. Also, the movie has a different ending than the book. 

"The story of a famous actress finding true love at Christmas in a small town? That's the plot of your movie. Not real life" (pg. 186). This is my first time reading a book by Author Kara Tate. 
I like the book better than the movie! The author shows the perspectives from Jessica, Matt, Ian, Zoe and even ten-year old Sophie. I felt like the romances needed time to develop and evolve and the book went at a nice, slower, more realistic pace. 

The message takeaway from "Christmas in Homestead" is: make your own happy ending, embrace the true meaning of Christmas, change isn't always a bad thing, choose your priorities in life, do the right thing and treat everyone with kindness. "That's what we do here in Homestead. We're nice" (pg. 217).

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Book Review: This is my first time reading a novel written by Teri Wilson. I love all the characters and the romances (Jamie + Sawyer (plus Matt!), Rick + Lucy and let's not forget Harris + Mary). There is a lot of... Will They or Won't They? moments. The author shows the emotions and perspectives of Jamie and Sawyer's Love Story. I love Wilson's imagery and writing style. There is an Epilogue showing Lucy + Rick and Jamie + Sawyer one year later. Rick's recipe of "Wild Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto" is shown in the back of the book. 

Movie Review: The Hallmark Channel Original Movie starring Maggie Lawson and Sam Page moves at a quicker pace.  Maggie Lawson is cute and adorable and makes the perfect Jamie Vaughn. The movie mirrors the book very well! I love the surrounding ambiance of red and white roses, chocolate, the Fire and Ice Festival, handwritten love letters, heart shaped foam in the coffee and at the center of it all - the True Love Bookstore and Cafe!  I adore the local shops at Waterford. I want to buy Anita's flowers and eat lunch at the Pizzaria. I love Valentine's themed Hallmark Movies! 

I enjoyed "The Story of Us"! The message of the story is to Fight for True Love (literally and figuratively!). Be sure to look out for the quick yet obvious Hallmark Product Placement in both the book and movie.

"Valentine's Day is one of the best days of the year, and you don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy it!" 

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Christmas in Homestead

​Sunshine says:      The Book is Better!

The Story of Us

​Sunshine says:      The Movie is Better!

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Book Review: This is my first time reading a book written by Kristen Ethridge. I really like the author's writing style. It is an entertaining read! The book has such funny lines and scenes that are not included in the movie. The book comes with an Epilogue... what happens with Poppy and Ryan and the Larson family one year later. I never really liked the title of the book, until the Epilogue. "It had all started with an October kiss..." (pg. 241). The end of the book features a recipe for Pumpkin Soup with Parmesan Croutons (the family enjoys the soup for dinner in the movie).

Movie Review: The Hallmark Channel Original movie stars Ashley Williams and Sam Jaeger. Ashley Williams is the reason why the movie is better. She plays a phenomenal Poppy! The movie is idealistically Halloween with the Whidbey Island Harvest Festival, the Halloweek at school, the decorations around the house, the frosted cookies, pumpkin pies and the handmade costumes. I enjoy the character connections onscreen, and the movie moves at a faster pace. 

Differences: In the book, Poppy's sister is happily married and seemingly single in the movie. In the book, Poppy goes back to school to get her degree. 

🎃 This is a rare Hallmark Channel Original Movie where the main characters do not need to couple up. "October Kiss" read like a Comedy and didn't necessarily need to have a romance between the single dad and the nanny.

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October Kiss

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I watched Moonlight in Vermont on Hallmark Channel starring Lacey Chabert and Carlo Marks, so I was excited to read the novel that brought the story to life, written by Kacy Cross, to compare and contrast. The movie is a Perfect Hallmark Channel rom-com, and the script closely mirrors the book. I visually enjoyed seeing the small town, the MapleFaire Festival and the lovely Inn at Swan Lake. And my favorite scene is  when Carlo Marks sang softly to Lacey the words ♫ Moonlight in Vermont ♫ playing at the MapleDance! So romantic! The heroine learns that she likes "Vermont Fiona" better than her New York city life. And the story ends nicely with a kiss. A beautiful story!

No offense, Lacey Chabert, but the novel is so much better than the movie! The author switches up roles so that the readers can see and experience the emotions from the viewpoint of Fiona, Derek, Angela and Brandon. This story made me want to visit Vermont and taste Derek's cooking and try the infamous Maple Glazed Sea Scallops (recipe in the back of the book)! The writer is incredibly descriptive, giving more backstory to the characters and I love how the two romantic relationships slowly evolve (Derek + Fiona and Angela + Brandon).  There is an Epilogue, a part of the book the movie doesn't show, describing what happens to the two couples after the credits end. Super cute (second) ending! I highly recommend! 

The message of "Moonlight in Vermont" (both versions) is about slowing down, of appreciating the small things, of figuring out yourself, taking the time to mend fences (figuratively and literally!) .... and the visuals and examples of that message really echo with me... the molasses dripping in the bucket, cooking from scratch, a nature stroll and not a swift run.

"Some of the best things in life are worth the wait."

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Moonlight in Vermont

​Sunshine says:      The Book is Better!