Brand Ambassador

Carl Harris

 Christian Evangelist

Wrote Foreword for "The Creation Project"

Meet the Team: 

Tina Marie Shuster 

Narrator for Audio Books:

"God the Father, Jesus the Big Brother, Holy Spirit the Best Friend" 


'Helpers: A Rescue Mission" 


"The Ring Does Not Fit" 

Chi Alpha Missionary

Wrote Foreword for book:

"After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby"

Sondler Mortimer


book: "The Roland Sisters & The Spirit Program"

Jacki Schwarz 

Narrator for Audio Books:

"After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby"


"This is My Heaven" 

Nicola  MacCameron
 ​Narrator for Audio Book

"The Creation Project"

Watch all her Book Trailers  below:  

Author Sunshine Rodgers

Best Selling Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur

Won 2019 Author of the Year by RWG Publishing

Heather Haley

Chief  Meteorologist for  WVLT-TV, CBS Affiliate

Wrote Foreword: "Helpers: A Rescue Mission"


Hector Acosta

Artist: "Last Night, When I Prayed"

Artist: "Helpers: A Rescue Mission" 

Manuel Ribeira 

Translator for Portuguese Edition 

Este é o meu Céu (Portuguese Edition)

"This is My Heaven" 

Travis Rodgers

Sunshine's husband and "unofficial editor"

designed sketches for "The Creation Project" 

Wrote Foreword for the book "The Ring Does Not Fit"

Sunshine Rodgers has 28K+ followers across all her social media sites! 


Miguel Alarcón 

Spanish Translator

Proyecto Creación (Spanish Edition)

"The Creation Project" 

Max Steele


designed sketches for "The Creation Project"

I love being a Brand Ambassador for Pura Vida! The unique designs and beach-themed style feels refreshing to wear! 

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Bill Vincent

President of RWG Publishing 

Giselle M. Chatelain

Narrator for Audio Book

"Last Night, When I Prayed" 

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Laurie Lester

Celebrate Lit Publicity Group

Hosted 3  of Sunshine's Book Tours

Heather Worley


designed sketches for "The Characters Within"

Mayra Bravo 

 Translator for Spanish Edition 

Este es mi Cielo (Spanish Edition) 

"This is My Heaven"

Twitter :  @Writer_Sunshine

 Facebook: Facebook/SunshineRodgersBooks

​Instagram: @AuthorSunshineRodgers

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 Isa Lonergan

Narrator for Audio Book

"The Characters Within" 

I am now an Author Representative at RWG Publisher, my Publisher of choice,  and now I am excited to make YOUR literary dreams come true!! 
RWG Publishing


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About Sunshine

 Gloria Diaz Polanco 

Spanish Translator

Después de ti (Spanish Edition)

"After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby"