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Carl Harris

 Christian Evangelist

Wrote Foreward for "The Creation Project"

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Max Steele


designed sketches for "The Creation Project"

Chi Alpha Missionary

Wrote Forward for book:

"After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby"

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Sunshine Rodgers

Christian Author

Heather Haley

 Meteorologist, Journalist for WVLT News Team

Wrote Forward for book: "The Helpers"

**to be released soon



Sunshine and her husband, Travis Rodgers are passionate about sharing the truth and light about Jesus Christ. Using various ministry outreaches, this power couple seeks to move and improve their environment with the miraculous power of the Gospel.

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"Loved all three books!! What an inspiration! A must have for every home!!!"

- Susan Stokely

Hector Acosta


Illustrator: "Last Night, When I Prayed"

Illustrator: "Helpers" **to be released soon***

Laurie Lester

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Travis Rodgers

designed sketches for "The Creation Project"