"Thank you, Sunshine for a wonderful book that relates to real life situations. A very easy and relatable read that I couldn’t put down until I knew how it ended. Our place of employment affects our life and we need to have the courage to move on to protect our happiness. A delight to read. I highly recommend it."- Toni C.

"It's like having a friend come alongside you and lead you to hope. God shows up in these wonderful, yet mighty stories of faith and love. God bless you, Sunshine!" - Tim S.

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"I loved how this book really opened my eyes to doing and saying the things that are pleasing to God! Sunshine and her friends sharing their stories were just what I needed. I keep the motivating words and direct scriptures close to my heart." - KD

"I could identify with Kay in a new position and her decision to change her life around to be happy. It was a happy read!" - Barbara K.

"I enjoyed every minute reading this book. This book will take you to a different level of reality and love. I read it twice and I lived with the characters each moment. It's like watching a movie while reading." - Rafa

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"It’s awesome how God’s timing works for giving you sweet little truth nuggets when you need them. This book is an easy reminder of small things we can do to bring a little dose of Sunshine into peoples’ lives. I love her heart, and her love for Jesus and others just radiates off the pages." - Courtney C.