Fun Fact: Sunshine has used 63 of her friends as real-life Characters in her stories! Her husband, Travis, is a character in nearly all of her books! Scroll down to reveal ALL the names!  

1. Sunshine  Rodgers       2. Kelsey Dodd     3. Travis Rodgers      

Best Seller

63 Real - Life People as Book Characters Include: 

1.  Travis Rodgers      2. Mike LaFlamme

Facebook: 30,000

Twitter: 1,500

Instagram: 2,100

Goodreads: 2,700

LinkedIn: 6,000

​Youtube: 200

Website: An Average of 140 viewers a month


1.Travis Rodgers      2. Ileana Reyes    3. Tim Stromer   4. Steven Stein

5. Ashalee Bingham   6. Marcia Baker    7. Jeff Hosfeld

After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby

1.  Travis Rodgers      2. Rafa Hallaq

1. Travis Rodgers   2. Gabe Pugh    3. Andrew Masterson     4. Mike LaFlamme

5. Samantha King    6. Martin Masson     7. Emily Trotter    8. Quinn Rhyne   

9. Skylar Webb      10. Angelique Tanner     11. Kathleen Dart      12. Brett Angwin   

 13. Josh Brown    14. Sierra Mackenzie     15. Lymari Rodriguez      16. Mikey Freeborn       

 17. Lisa Newmaster    18. Elana Vindigni         19. Angelina Sanchez       

20. Brittany Restrepo  21. Maddie Stiles    22. Tammy Lara          23. Christa Lambert       

24. Pierre Cartagena      25. Nathan Nitczynski   26. Carlee Sims       27. Alyssabelle Ross         28. Christopher Bungert    29. Miranda Norton   30. Roberto Diaz     

31. Katharine Twisdale      32. Paulomi Dholakia       33. Gemaliz Porrata

34. Roxanne Boivin    35. Crystal Lola  

1. Travis Rodgers       2. Dennis McCreary     3. Audra Downs      4. Janelle Coleman       5. Jacki Drane

The Characters Within

Thank you to the Guild Master Blog for interviewing me on your site. In this Author Interview, I talk about the music I listen to when I write, the movies my books most relate to and the most surprising things I learned in creating my book.

God the Father, Jesus the Big Brother, Holy Spirit the Best Friend

Andrew's First Act

Pictures from the Latest Events

The Roland Sisters and the Spirit Program

New Book

1.  Travis Rodgers      2. Andrew Masterson   3. Reebok Brown     4. Bill Kincaid



Be the Sunshine

Once Upon a Time...In a Dental Office

Helpers: A Rescue Mission

1. Travis Rodgers        2. Tommie Swisher       3. Beth Hall      4. Kristi Horak      5. Mike Noel