"What if a girl who values singing so much gets an opportunity to become a star? Meet Brooke, whose passion towards music was unwavering. When she comes upon an opportunity to participate in a TV show, would she take up the challenge? Does this challenge only involve singing? To know more, read "Just Brooke" by Author Sunshine Rodgers."  - Ms. Lefty

​​​"Just Brooke" is a story of learning to love the journey of your life. It's a life lesson on being kind​. This book is a Cinderella musical, it's like a 2000s chick flick and I loved reading it. I loved Giovanni's character the most.  All in all, this was a good read for the romance and Giovanni part, and I hope we get to read more! " - Anne from the Philippines

 "Ironically, I finished this book while in the waiting room at my son’s dental appointment. This is a fun rom-com read. I loved how the author encourages us to chase our dreams." - Connie H. 

"This nonfiction book oozes positivity and encouragement. It shares true experiences from the author and other believers, whose stories she includes to illustrate her points. The writing is honest, vulnerable, and personable. It gives the reader a sense of camaraderie with those sharing their lives within its pages. The book is short and easy to read. It could be consumed in a day or would make a good one to study with others and discuss the topics. The author offers a good example of living for the Lord." - Mary Ann 

"I really liked this short read. I think it actually portrayed what it is like to work in an office. I loved the ending and how the dream guy wasn’t really the dream guy. If you want a short clean read, then I recommend Once Upon a Time… In a Dental Office. This book is fictional but could be real life somewhere." - Debbie C.

​​​"Be The Sunshine" is an uplifting and heartwarming exploration of faith, love and the power of positivity. Sunshine's writing style is engaging and accessible. Her prose is straightforward yet evocative. This book serves as a reminder that we all have the potential to be the sunshine in someone else's life.  Highly recommend!"

- Video Review on YouTube

"Sunshine Rodgers has a unique, eclectic writing style told in the first person that many readers will find humorous. I do think many fans of  rom-com will enjoy this book." - Karen B.

"Thank you, Sunshine for a wonderful book that relates to real life situations. A very easy and relatable read that I couldn’t put down until I knew how it ended. Our place of employment affects our life and we need to have the courage to move on to protect our happiness. A delight to read. I highly recommend it."- Toni C.

"Sunshine Rodgers has chosen to live up to her name by trying to brighten the lives of those around her, and she hopes others will do the same. This book is written in an easy, conversational style that made me feel like I was talking with the author as she shared personal stories, an abundance of Bible scripture, and the value of faith, friends, and family. Her suggestions are both worthy and attainable, and the encouraging and inspirational thoughts truly motivated me! I recommend "Be the Sunshine" to all who enjoy Christian nonfiction." - Connie S.

"I am giving "Be The Sunshine" five plus stars. I love her tips and positivity that I will try to use for myself as well as continuously to have God’s presence known in life. The book is broken down into five parts. Each part includes her own personal stories and commentary that show encouragement for her readers. Scriptures are added all throughout the book." -Amy

"I loved how this book really opened my eyes to doing and saying the things that are pleasing to God! Sunshine and her friends sharing their stories were just what I needed. I keep the motivating words and direct scriptures close to my heart." - KD

"This is a beautiful picture of God's Love! Thank you for sharing your heart, Sunshine! I enjoy the personal voice. It is nice to hear real ideas on how to actively spend time helping others! This is an awesome, encouraging book!" - Jeffrey B.

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 "I really enjoyed watching the relationship between Kay and Brian grow and flourish. Brian and his honesty with Kay is absolutely beautiful. Brian and two other friends convince Kay that she needs to be chasing her dreams. The book is a quick read. I would recommend it to those who have an interest in Contemporary Romance Fiction. GOOD BOOK!"  - Kendra N. 

"This is a book that encourages the reader to do acts of love and to pray for others and to be a light for Jesus. It has lots of Biblical Scripture to back up the author’s beliefs. I recommend this book to all Christians." - Debbie C. 

"It's like having a friend come alongside you and lead you to hope. God shows up in these wonderful, yet mighty stories of faith and love. God bless you, Sunshine!" - Tim S.

"It’s awesome how God’s timing works for giving you sweet little truth nuggets when you need them. This book is an easy reminder of small things we can do to bring a little dose of Sunshine into peoples’ lives. I love her heart, and her love for Jesus and others just radiates off the pages." - Courtney C. 

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 "Once Upon a Time... In a Dental Office is a delightful read from the talented author, Sunshine Rodgers. I loved reading this romance between the characters. There are a few scenes that made me giggle and laugh out loud and others that just warmed my heart. Overall, a good, fun, and entertaining story. I would love to read upcoming releases from Sunshine Rodgers in the future." - Amy 

"Sunshine Rodgers has written this book not as a "how to" but as a way to encourage others to just be your best and show others your best. The book is filled with Scripture and personal stories from Sunshine that will get you thinking on how to achieve a positive life of being who God created you to be. I truly enjoyed this book from the very first chapter. I was VERY encouraged by Sunshine's wisdom throughout the book. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who needs a little inspiration and encouragement. GREAT BOOK!" - Kendra N.

 "This is definitely a fun read. It also seems realistic and relatable, as in personnel conflict (inner office drama), and dealing with challenging patients. If you're looking for a quick, light read, I suggest Once Upon a Time...In a Dental Office." - Wendy A. 

"Sunshine Rodgers wants to use her platform to be a blessing. I appreciated the abundance of verses that are included in this book. It is clear that the author looks to the Bible for wisdom. She wants to point people to Jesus. Sunshine wants to use her experiences to motivate others to also make a difference.  Her positivity flows off the pages." - Gretchen G.

"I could identify with Kay in a new position and her decision to change her life around to be happy. It was a happy read!" - Barbara K.

"This book is very encouraging, and readers will see that Sunshine is more than just a name. I love how the author gives illustrations on how we can help others and use our gifts to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The book includes personal stories that help us see that we all struggle in areas. With scripture and helpful words, the author has written a book we can all benefit from." - Deana D.

"With personal stories and more, this book definitely kept me reading. Including many wonderful passages of Scripture helped me appreciate this book.  The author’s storytelling ability helps bring this book to life for me. Broken down into five sections, I feel like this book is great for anyone who desires to shine with the light of God’s presence.  I definitely recommend it." - Patti P.

Reviews for "Just Brooke" :

 "I thought this was a cute contemporary romance. I liked how Kay grew through the story and found out what was most important to her even when it looked different from what she thought. I liked the romance between Kay and Brian and watching it develop. I also liked that the author showed how hard it might be to follow our dreams but how worth it it is." - Holly B. 

"I enjoyed every minute reading this book. This book will take you to a different level of reality and love. I read it twice and I lived with the characters each moment. It's like watching a movie while reading." - Rafa

"This was a good book about learning to share your light with others. I liked how she told you that you don't have to be happy and positive all the time, but you can do little things to help make other people's lives better. I thought she had some good suggestions about how to share the light of Christ. I thought the book was inspirational and encouraging." -Holly B.

 "Hard times can become the springboard of success. Brooke Evans outshines her odds. The story moves between these two layers of haves and the have-nots. This mental tussle of conviction forms the bedrock of the novel by Sunshine Rodgers. The author follows an uncommon narrative technique to put forth these conflicting emotions and experiences. Allegory and allusion are wafting across the narrative. The book is rife with symbolism that makes it so evocative and forceful."  
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 "Kay Vity works at a dental office. She dreams of happily ever after with Dr. Chase Hatchett but she discovers that all that appears to glitter is not gold. On the other hand, Dr. Brian Alchan (another dentist in the clinic) along with his sister as well as some friends help her determine how to find her happily ever after ending. If you enjoy works of Inspirational Fiction with a dash of Romance, check out "Once Upon a Time… In a Dental Office" by Sunshine Rodgers." - Patti P. 

 "Once Upon a Time… In a Dental Office is a cute contemporary fiction novel that you’re going to love losing yourself in. I enjoyed this novel. It read quickly. The characters were engaging.  It’s a sweet romance but also just a wonderful story of life." - Erin S. 

"Excellent, inspiring read! This book is so good! It pulls on your heartstrings in so many ways. This book touches on childhood dreams and it addresses  how to persevere with courage and how to combat disappointment with hope. I’d recommend this book to anyone but particularly to teenage, college age, and young women and also to any aspiring artists/musicians." - Miranda K.

Reviews for "Once Upon A Time...

In a Dental Office" :

Reviews for "Be The Sunshine" :

"This book kept me entertained. As a young boy, I liked singing but not in front of an audience. Brooke on the other hand wanted that exposure to make it in the music business. Her fears and all her insecurities along with her talent and desire were shown in every chapter. I LOVED this book from cover to cover. The ending literally made my eyes water. I saw a little bit of myself in this book." - Mike L.

"Unlike typical self-help books, "Be the Sunshine" doesn't prescribe happiness or positivity. Instead, it shares personal stories that delve into the author's life, emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself. The narrative centers on friendship, family, and faith, offering a relatable and encouraging outlook. The book's strength is its genuine storytelling that connects with readers through shared experiences. "Be the Sunshine" is a celebration of love, joy, and the beauty of living authentically. I look forward to exploring more from this author and the sincerity she brings to the literary world." -Jeannine B.

"The author does a good job of a rom-com type of book that is clean, and a light read.  It reminds us not to give up on our dreams." - Deana D.