"God the Father, Jesus the Big Brother, Holy Spirit the Best Friend is the life-giving truth that separates Christianity from all other religions. It has been explained very well here. Thank you, Sunshine Rodgers!" - Sierra B.

"This is a light romance, humor and inspirational read. I would recommend this to young readers that want a book about acceptance and kindness. It is a very quick read and parents may want to read with their kids and have a discussion. I liked this afternoon read about finding the good in everyone."​ - Deb's Book Reviews

"Wow- a book that is written from the perspective of a demon and all of his hellish comrades . . . what an unpleasant and frightening thought. I haven't read a book this artfully written about the spiritual world since Frank Peretti's This Present Darkness. The way the demon worked, how he attached himself to our character, how he responded to help from Heaven, was all so artfully written and really made us a part of the action making the invisible warfare visible. It was truly an intriguing read that kept me on the edge of my seat, and I could not put it down until I finished. Our author truly gives us the view and mission of a demon- to ensure a soul's destiny to hell.  I think any Christian should pick this up to remind them of the reality of warfare that is invisible to the eye but is a constant struggle, and one we can claim victory in for our lives and the lives of others."

- Katie F

"Great listen! Very convicting and informative. The author explains clearly each person from the Trinity and their purpose." - Troy B.

"I would highly suggest this as a companion to any Christian Bible, no matter the denomination. Cover Review: I like the idea of the peeling away of the layers ."

- Book Blogger: My Literary Soiree

"This is not a theology book; rather, it’s like having a cup of coffee with a fellow Christian and chatting about her relationship with the Trinity. This book does an excellent job at emphasizing and knowing God intimately. I love how the reader shares her experience. I’m still contemplating and reflecting on a few parts of this book." - Elizabeth B.

"The Ring Does Not Fit " by  Sunshine Rodgers is a book that truly is worth the short time it takes to read it.  I recommend this book to everyone that is married, or engaged or wants to be married. It is a story to show that we need to appreciate the things we have and not to take them for granted because they might disappear before we know it. I love the book and the message that it gives. That message is that we need Jesus before things can be right. I really like the different marriages portrayed in this book."

-Debbie C. 

"This book is a must read. This is the third book I have read from this Author. Once again, her story is very enlightening. This book focuses its message on never giving up on your dreams, even when you face internal self-doubt or the critical naysayers. So many people can understand and relate to this story as the struggle is real to keep your dreams alive. This book also reminds the reader that there are always those around us who are supporting and encouraging and to never quit on what's most important, no matter what." - Kathy D. 

"Listening to this audio book, I found myself doing exactly what the title of this book calls for. I recommend this book over and over and over again. I loved it as a pastor! It is good, has significant implications for day to day life, and is relatable! Go grab it! You won't regret it!" - Jane

"Thought provoking! This book was an excellent one for me to pick up, since I have a hard time separating the Trinity, at times. I liked the personal stories that were shared and thought that it tied together nicely. This is a wonderful book to pick up and read through." - Manda J. 

 "Excellent Author. One of the most very helpful books I have ever read on the Christian life, on the joy of knowing the true faith - very gracious, warm, kind, incredibly helpful, brilliantly insightful; This author is a wonderful communicator." - Jasmine N. 

"What an interesting story! This book kind of reminds me a little bit of the movies 13 Going on 30, and Isn't it Romantic?, with a Christian fiction twist and a story that is all it's own! This story is a quick read that kept me flipping pages super fast because I had to know what would happen next!" - Caitlyn S. 

​​"I just finished "The Characters Within." I enjoyed it so much. It brought back so many memories. I could see myself in the book.  Your name fits you perfectly." - Doreen B. 

"Unlike other books on the Trinity, the author's goal is not just to teach the theology of the Trinity but to bring the listener to a place where they desire to worship God. It inspires devotion to God." - Jaxon J.

"This book is a great story about passion and belief in yourself. Andrew  has a passion for comedy. He believed in his comedy. But he let others dictate his success. In the end, Andrew must decide if his passion is worth the effort. For adults or youth and anyone in between, it is a good lesson."
-Charlene C. 

"I just finished The Creation Project and although I was taught ABOUT the creation, the entertaining way that Sunshine describes it, kept me captivated throughout the book. Loved every page of it and funny thing, as a child going to catechism class, I’d be thinking about God with hammer and nails and building heaven and paradise. I never thought about the Angels doing most of the work. Another point that put a BIG smile on my face was a few references to the Tree of Life. Sunshine and I have something in common about that tree.  All in all, I highly recommend this book and I will most definitely read others from this talented author." - Mike L. 

"Similar to Scrooge, Sunshine Rodgers takes the main character on a journey to understand the power of prayer and faith. Without it, a marriage is not sustainable - love is not enough. I found this to be a great read and I suggest it to my married and single friends."
- Poetess April J, host of Your Oral Diktion Academy on Black Love Poetry Series Network

"I like the premise of this book and how it was a modern twist on "The Screwtape Letters", which is an excellent book that I highly recommend. This book does an excellent job of making the reader think about the things we do when we mindlessly pick up our smart phone or use a credit card. The other really made me stop and think several times. This is an excellent book to pick up and get you thinking!" - Amanda H. 

 "It is very sweet. A good, pure & nice story." - Janalyn

 This book is one of the best I have read in a while. If you have not gone out and bought one you should do so Today! If not for yourself for someone else we all have someone who could use this. #sunshine #greatlesson&read #loved it - Carol H.

"This book definitely did not turn out as I expected. In a good way! Here, you can see how, in everyday life, temptations come between us and God, and how it isn't always easy to choose the right way. It also shows the power of praying for others...it can change everything. "After You" is written exquisitely- it almost felt as if I was right there, witnessing everything and hearing everyone's thoughts. I definitely enjoyed this one of a kind book, and am looking forward to reading more of Rodgers' books!" - Violet P. 

"I have read numerous books on the Trinity and can say this is by far the best book on this topic. It does not set out to defend the doctrine of the Trinity (plenty of good books on that) or to demonstrate that the Trinity is indeed a truth taught in Scripture. Sunshine Rodgers sets out to demonstrate how the Trinity is integral to the very core of the Christian faith and how the Trinity in numerous ways makes Christianity set apart in many good ways from every other religion out there." - Mack Z.

"We all know that we are fighting a spiritual battle.  This novel helps show us what we cannot see.  This book takes a look into how the demons affect our lives.  This book is an eye-opener and will make the reader think about this battle that we are engaged in every day.   One thing to remember is that prayer is our key weapon to fight these demons.   This book was very engaging and eye-opening. "  - Mary Ann B. 

"A concisely written, easy but thought-provoking read meant to prompt the reader to earnestly consider the power of consistent and persistent prayer.  This new to me author has decidedly impressed me with this relatively short but memorable story.  Perhaps meant for a YA audience, the message of the very real spiritual battle is one all readers can take to heart.  This would make an excellent study book for youth, parents and leaders." - Jennifer B. 

"Andrew is a struggling comic at night clubs who wants to climb the ladder to stardom. "Andrew's First Act" reveals a world so many of us know little about. Andrew begins to have hope when he meets Sunnie Roden who wants to sign him as her client because she sees something in him. A fast - paced, well - written, character driven story. "Andrew's First Act" is a page turning, pleasurable read." -  Gary Roen, Syndicated Book Critic 

"This was a super quick and interesting read. It was a great story and the very interesting  writing style left me wanting more. I loved how Sunshine showed the power of prayer and how it can effect the spiritual world. I definitely believe there is truth in that and we have no idea, but this book gives a peek into the possibilities. Overall, an interesting story with a powerful message." - Melissa F.

"I really enjoyed this book. The author does a great job explaining how God is one but three. That is always a difficult concept but Sunshine Rodgers does a great job with it. The apple on the front cover seemed very fitting for the overall book. I believe this book really could be used by most any denomination. Church libraries would be a great place for this along with anyone who is wanting to read more about the Trinity." - Ashley W. 

"A Must Read! Sunshine Rodgers has written an insightful book on the Power of Prayer. A.J. prays for his mother to be happy again. To assist is his Angel, Demetri who faces evil warfare to deliver the Prayer to Heaven. Prayer triumphs for A.J. who always believed it would. Wonderful illustrations by Hector Acosta." - Toni C.

Reviews for "The Characters Within" :

"Sunshine's book about the Trinity is a breath of fresh air to all who are seeking wisdom about the Godhead." -RuthAnn Webb

"Wow. What a powerful little book. It is a great contemporary story of spiritual warfare after the style of C S Lewis' The Screwtape Letters. It graphically portrays the power of prayer and the support of fellow believers in spiritual warfare. It gives good examples of how believers can be tempted and distracted. The main characters are teens so it would really speak to young readers. The aspect of the novel that impacted me the most was the distinction between people who call themselves Christians and true Christ followers. Whether you are a true believer or not really makes a difference in spiritual warfare. I highly recommend this book. It is not precisely theologically correct, I suppose. But then, it is fiction. Rodgers is clear in her note to readers that it is a fictitious look at what might be the minds and motivations behind the Enemy's work. It is certainly thought provoking!"
- Joan N. 

"Very good. Loved it !! The narrator is so fantastic. It's like you're really there!! Good overall." - Kindle Customer

"I like this book!  It brought me understanding about the Holy Trinity, particularly the Holy Spirit. For some reason the Holy Spirit always eluded me. But this book brought so much understanding. thank you for writing it!" - Zena

"God the Father, Jesus the Big Brother, Holy Spirit the Best Friend takes readers further into the relationship of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I appreciated the Author’s words; I loved the Scripture she uses within the pages. I felt like I had a better understanding of the Trinity after reading it. I would be interested in reading more by Sunshine Rodgers in the future."

- Amy

"Wonderful Read. "Helpers: A Rescue Mission" written by Sunshine Rodgers is a journey in faith, the universe, and a positive influence. The book has wonderful illustrations. I recommend this book as you find faith in your journey in life." - Shama P. 

"Wow! This book sheds new light on my view of the Trinity. This is one of my favorite 
books of all time and I read a lot of theology books. It explains something so fundamental to my Christian belief and faith. I highly recommend this book."

- Skylar

"This was a very in-depth look at the Trinity for our small group book study. We were able to figure out most of the material through group discussion; listening to one chapter per day. It was definitely a worthwhile audio book." -  - Wsil Ali

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Great Read! This is an amazing read!! This book is not only for people who are in a committed relationship or marriage but for anyone who needs a reminder of things that are important in life and that Jesus Christ is always in our presence. No matter what you think you want, Jesus Christ always has a plan for you. Sunshine provided readers with an array of relatable topics that we may have encountered throughout our life but, The Ring Does Not Fit depicts the old saying "The Grass is Not Greener On The Other Side". - Gina M. 

"This is one outstanding book from the start to the end. Having worked in the mental health field in the past, I saw a lot of real world truths to what these sisters were going through and it almost mirrored my childhood to a tee. I had to hold back some sad tears but also let the happy tears flow. I do recommend this book as it will get you looking at your past, present and future." - Mike L.   

"I really love this book. It's easy to read. These illustrations are crazy. I am in love with the illustrations. This is beautiful art. You buy this book for the art alone. Everybody should get this book. It's a Jesus book... It talks about God." - Nico D. (video review on YouTube)

"This book covers the deepest theological concepts in an exceptionally approachable way; I recommend it to every single Christian. It contains a beautiful confession of the dogma which binds every Christian together and sets Christianity apart as completely unique." - Adam G.

Reviews for "Last Night, When I Prayed" :

"Sunshine Brings Sunshine. This is my new favorite author. 
I love the passion and way with words. She has written a winner and all should take the time to read it." - Yolanda, Chicago, IL

"The grass is rarely greener on the other side. In "The Ring Does Not Fit" Sunshine Rogers takes readers on a fascinating and winding journey of hard lessons and profound revelation. She shows us that what we really need to make our lives complete is often to be found in what we already have. We blind ourselves to the love that surrounds us and our human nature neglects and takes this for granted, as we contemplate how "material objects" could somehow enrich our existence. We (as humans) are born to want more, born to yearn for greater success, but it is the actual nature and form of what this success is that Sunshine explores with such insight and imagination.   - Andy Carpenter, Voices of Freedom

 "Wonderful!  The audio book is narrated by Tina Shuster and her voice is perfect for this book.  The book is written in such a way that no matter what denomination you are, you can lean and gleam something from this book.  I  loved the real life examples.  I read this book from cover to cover like you would a novel but I can see it being used as a reference book. Sunshine Rodgers, your book is wonderful and I can see the hand of God was with you as you wrote it."

- Suzan

Reviews for "The Roland Sisters and the Spirit Program" :

Reviews for "The Creation Project" :

"Last Night, When I Prayed" is a beautiful spiritual book that strengthened my faith. This book may be short but it has a powerful message of faith and belief that everyone should hear.  Do not miss this exceptional read." - BlackEagle

"The Characters Within is a delightful  book by Sunshine Rodgers. I have enjoyed other books by this author in the past and this one is no different.  I enjoyed the most important lesson, as well as, a great reminder in the book of searching who are you and finding yourself. I was intrigued to keep reading to find out which way Brittany’s path would take her. For readers who enjoy reading clean and inspirational books. I look forward to reading more  by Sunshine Rodgers in the future." - Amy

"This book was completely different than any other I’ve read…in a really good way. The content was very insightful. You can find some way to relate to each character…which I love. There’s grace and compassion and understanding abounding which is something we all need reminded to give and to receive. This was a shorter read, I just took my time with it to take it all in. I highly recommend."  - Courtney C.

"The Creation Project" is about... before Genesis. It is the story of the fall of Lucifer. It really stuck to me. I can remember the whole thing and it's just amazing!  It is a very enjoyable book. I love the simplicity. It makes God seem approachable and loving. I highly recommend!" - Matthew J. (Facebook Video Review)

"This story reminded me of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” with a twist.  A very special guest in the story takes Alena on a journey through several “marriages,” that she thought would be better. The author does a great job of showing Alena what her life may be like and as the journey continues she starts to realize how much she misses her husband." - Deana D. 

"I couldn't put the book down - it was so wonderful to read. The Bible makes it clear that there is a spiritual battle going on around us, and this book shows us one way it could look.. The book is a pretty quick read - I wanted to see what was going to happen next, Congratulations, Sunshine, on a great book. I love your imagination and insight into the spiritual realm. I recommend this book to all believers in Jesus, and those who want to know the truth about what is going on around you that you cannot see." - Steve A. 

Reviews for "God the Father, Jesus the Big Brother, Holy Spirit the Best Friend" :

"I loved this book! It draws you in and you do not want to put it down! It is a great read ...I couldn't wait to get to the next page!"  - Heather P.

"This is a book for teens. This was a book about how demons seem to try to take over humans so that they can take them to Hades when they die. This shows how praying will help keep them away. It was a very interesting way to teach this lesson." - Virginia W.

"(Sunshine's book) taught me new things and I'm trying to master CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy). In this book, she uses CBT parallel with God and backs everything up with scripture. This is probably the most real book I have read." -Joel Bratton

"Sunshine Rodgers is an excellent writer. Her conversational style and wide-ranging quotes from other authors caused me to fly through this book as I wanted to know more and more about our glorious and loving God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." - Nolan N. 

"Do you want a book that will make you smile? "The Characters Within" written by Sunshine Rodgers is the book for you. This was such a quick and humorous read. This book had me chuckling a lot. It was a quick easy read and I enjoyed it. The book is well written." - Connie H. 

Reviews for "Helpers: A Rescue Mission" :

This book provides an excellent look at what can happen without Jesus in a marriage.  But it also provides a look at the blessings that can come when we invite Jesus into our marriages as well as our lives. This work of fiction is definitely worth reading." -Patti P. 

"There were days God used it to convict me, remind me, and always bless me. It was a timely book for this stage of my life. I am so happy you allowed God to use you to write the book. It truly felt God ordained." -Veronica Taylor

​"I was pleasantly surprised that the book really was good.  The concept was fun and unique.  Alena had lots of wants and dreams for her life, but when given a glimpse of what might have been she found out that it wasn’t quite what she had imagined.  Each “husband” and life was vastly different from her own and I found myself caught up in each story to see what Alena’s life could have been if she had made different choices.  The story was enjoyable and was one that has left me thinking since I read it. I look forward to reading more of Rodgers' works." - Donna C. 

"I would recommend this book to any age, but especially any women who feel stuck in a life that she didn't sign up for.  When all of us feel, "is this it?"   This is a book that makes you realize that your life isn't that bad, it could be worse and just maybe you have many blessings in your life you never realized you had.  This book teaches through a great story of love and how God puts people in our lives for our blessings.  I loved this book and couldn't stop reading it, I started and didn't put down until the last page, it has many twists and is unpredictable...... I would love to see this as a Hallmark movie, it would be so enjoyable." - Deb's Book Reviews 

"WOW, this book is short but it sure packs a lot of fun and love in it. The book is one of encouragement, love and knowing that dreams can be reached and never to give up hope on your dreams. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Inspirational Humor with Romance. GREAT BOOK!" - Kendra N. 

​"After You was everything I was expecting, and more. Evil is everywhere, and there is a spiritual war going on that no one likes to think about, or talk about. But. It. Is. Real. Somehow Rodgers has managed to show us how easily our thoughts and minds can be taken over by evil. It can and does happen! Rodgers brings such an interesting perspective here, and one that quite frankly scares me – in a good way. Sometimes you have to know how the other side is thinking and acting so you know how to better prepare yourself in a war. Although this book is fictional, I think it depicts it very well, and gives readers a glimpse into what may be going on with their friends, their loved ones, and just the world around us. This is a book that will stick with me for a long time. It certainly makes me think about all that is going on in the world, and how easily people can be overtaken by evilness. Rodgers has gone outside the box with this, and I think it’s a book that can open your eyes." - Jessica B. 

​"I found it fascinating to read this book. I thought the approach to this topic was the best part of the book. It was interesting to have it from a demon’s point of view. The author does a great job with sentence structure and usage of words to grip the reader in each chapter. Spiritual warfare is not to be taken lightly and this book managed to paint it in light that many readers can follow and understand. It is creative and enjoyable to read. I haven’t fully processed what I have read and will go back to read it again, but I can say this book is one that leaves a reader with much to think about. I recommend this book." - Bree H.

"I just finished reading “The Ring Does Not Fit” by Sunshine Rodgers. I absolutely loved this novel!! I enjoyed traveling through the life of Alena. The many changes that occur in her life  and how she copes with the challenges on her path to find her faith, are incredible. I could actually see myself in some of the pages of this novel. I recommend taking the time to sit back and take in every word, and put yourself in Alena’s life. The words will surround you and encourage growth in your own faith."

- Robin Yeck

 "Fantastic Book! This is a deep book that any Christian should listen to. Thank you Sunshine for bringing more of the SON to Shine in my life."

- Bill H.

"Readers will find some thought provoking issues covered in this novel. Rodgers reminds readers that comparing themselves with others is not a good idea because each person is unique and valued in a different way. She shows how readers need to confront the fantasy world they might be dreaming about. They may very well be missing the best thing that is right in front of them. Rodgers' writing style is basic and easy to read. It would be an encouragement to young readers trying to find their way in life." - Joan N. 

141 Positive Reviews to read! 

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“This is a great book because it's written as the character is telling his own story. You will read from cover to end in one sitting because you are anxious to see how the character evolves from start to finish. I highly recommend this book as a feel-good story. Sunshine has written another fantastic book that will leave you smiling.”   - Lisa N. 

"I don’t think I have read a book like one before. The demons wants to take over and God wants to save us from them. The book is a little suspenseful due to not knowing what the demons are going to try next. It is about an young girl in high school and the struggles she has at school and home. Basically it is from the view point of the demons. Definitely a different way of presenting God’s love. It is a short book, that has a great message to it.  The book did keep me on the edge of my seat. See how the power of prayers wins out." - Janice S.


“A creative and insightful story of the power of prayer. “Last Night, When I Prayed” reminds us that no prayer is insignificant.”
—  Jacki Drane, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries

"I love this book and will listen to it again and again." - Angela E.

"I loved this book! Have you ever had trouble understanding the roles of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? This book has helped me to better understand! It is easy and enjoyable to read and provides a positive and uplifting mindset... I highly recommend!" - Heather

"This nonfiction text presents basic teaching about the Trinity. The book is easy to read and understand and not long to read. I think it would be helpful for young believers—especially teens and young adults—or anyone new to the faith. It could be used in a Bible study class since it is filled with Scripture." - Mary

"This is an eye-opening cautionary tale that is pertinent to most people. The subject is marriage, and it is applicable to men and women before or after they are married. Many different aspects of marriage are brought up, and more importantly, the question of what kind of person should one be, and what kind of spouse should one look for, going into marriage. This book is not long, and it is easy to read. It is also a book to make one think, so I recommend it." - Kathy J. 

"This is a fun book to read. The author explores what it is like as you learn what your purpose is. The book is short but has valuable lessons for us all. Brittany discovers that the happiness she had been looking for was right in front of her. I love stories that give me hope and remind me to never give up on your dream." - Deana D. 

"I couldn't put this book down! It really stresses the importance of appreciating what you have. Sunshine Rodgers is a great author; the story is truly amazing, and I was captivated with each page. I gained great insight into reading this book and it is such an inspiring read, especially for those who doubt God's presence."  - Kathy Dart 

“An imaginative glimpse into the unseen world of spiritual warfare and the hope we have that our prayers are always heard.”
 — Matt Drane, Campus Minister at the University of Memphis

 "I finished "The Ring Does Not Fit"....I promise that is the best book i have ever come across...Sunshine also walks the walk...I am amazed how awesome Sunshine is...I am lost for words...Please read this book...It will change your life...and please know...I take notes!"  - Joel B. 

"Having read numerous systematic theologies and various apologetic books on the subject of the Trinity I hesitated to delve into this volume. my hesitancy stemmed from the feeling that this would merely be a rehash of what I had read previously. I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh approach and practical manner in which the author approached the subject. This is more than an ordinary book, I recommend it."

 - Maya Maya

"This is a good book for young teens. I understood the message. The book was a short and easy read and I am glad that (the main character) Brittany found happiness." - Book Blogger: Debbie’s Dusty Deliberations

“As Sunshine Rodgers’ wonderfully illustrates, prayer is always powerful and effective. As a person who battles to be always thinking truth and to not doubt, this book is a great encouragement!”
— Chuck Lester, Tennessee Chi Alpha Director  

"Awesome book!! The author definitely shows the magnification of emotions that the character portrays. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone!!" - Lulu

"I recommend this book to older mature readers because the story does clearly show what demons do, they occupy your mind and make you do things that aren't always evil in themselves but things that steal our focus and thoughts off Jesus and steal time from prayer and Bible reading, things like shopping and phones apps. A big part of this story is what happens when others pray. My favorite part of the book is chapter 11. It is in this chapter that Jesus talks to Jennifer and tells her that He loves her and that she is the best thing that has ever happened to Him. This whole chapter was like God was speaking to me personally. It is good to be reminded that God loves us. I remember feeling lonely and was bullied in high school, so this chapter was like God telling me to put the past behind me and to love in His love now and in the rest of the my life because even now that I am 59 I still have feelings of doubting His love and not being worthy of Him.  I will be reading chapter 11 again and again." - Debbie C.

"Creative Interpretation of Creation. This book has a lot of personality and passion. The author, Sunshine Rodgers, has created a colorful movie of creation, which really comes to life through the voice artist, N MacCameron. This is an easy listen!" - Bea

Reviews for "The Ring Does Not Fit" :

"I'm going to share this with my teenagers because I think it will be a good discussion book. The story flowed well and the characters were great. It really was a good book and I enjoyed it." - Ashley D. 

"You will enjoy this modern day Screwtape story with a surprise twist at the end!" - D. James Benton 

Reviews for "After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby" :

"Once I started reading, I could not put it down. I loved getting to know Brittany Myers, her best friend Travis, and the other characters in this book. This story moved along at a good pace and kept my interest. Check out this book for yourself. I definitely recommend it." -Patti P. 

"I will spend many years returning to the highlights in this book. My view of God was expanded, deepened and enriched. I want to know Him more, love Him more, serve Him more and delight in Him more and help others do the same." - Leah A. 

"I love Sunshine. This author's books were a gift to me by the publisher and I love them. The voices in this book are perfect. It is a fun listen." - Angela E. (United Kingdom)

"This book emphasizes how God needs to be the one we rely on for everything. When reading this book, keep your Bible nearby to look up the Scripture references. I feel this book provides a wealth of encouragement. I recommend you check out this book for yourself." - Patti P.

"Loved this captivating plot so much, a precious inspirational story beautifully depicting a voyage from one wicked mind to the next one..   the natural, demonic and evil of the corporeal sin come to a suspenseful play in this endlessly enthralling Christian fiction. A highly recommended treat." - Kelly

"The illustrations were really vivid, the language was good. I would share this book with some children and maybe adults I know but I am aware it was some pretty heavy content. It would be of interest to people dealing with a hard point in their lives." -  Felicity

“A fresh, original, fictional story by a growing, talented Author; a contemplation of a family's encounter with Angels between Heaven and Earth.” –Liz Dodd, A Christian Mother

"The perfect book. I felt closer to God just listening to this book. I love the details and the in-depth teachings." - Jim S. 

Reviews for "This is My Heaven" :

 "I enjoyed reading (the main character) Brittany's story, since it is one that a lot of us can relate to. I liked that this book had a great message about finding purpose. The characters were delightful, and I enjoyed getting to know them! This is an excellent story!" - Book Blogger: Inklings and Notions

 "Very Captivating. I found the book valuable. The Trinity has radical implications for my relationship with God as well as my relationship with others. The Trinity is entirely practical to every aspect of my life." - HM

After You” is an interesting take on “the Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis. Similar to “Screwtape Letters,” Rodgers uses the idea of two fallen angels trying to keep a human from going to heaven. But she changes the story to fit our modern day issues.  As a whole, the story was interesting and never seemed to drag. It was a pretty quick and easy read, and for the most part I really enjoyed the book." - Victoria R.

" Sunshine uses real people and their stories to explain the Trinity. She backs up the real-life stories with scripture. This book is very easy to read and explains this subject very well. It can be read by any age (that is how well it is written). It is a great book for anyone trying, searching or wants knowledge of the Trinity. The Trinity is hard to understand, and this book makes it easier to understand." - Deb's Book Reviews

“WOW! As a worker of the most popular theme park in Florida for over
28 years, Sunshine Rodgers has hit this life right on the button. From
the joy and excitement of being hired at your Dream Job, following
through to your training and the  actual first day on the job. Working
at a theme park always has its ups and downs and its good and bad
days. Sunshine captures all these emotions in her writings along with
the friendships and heartbreaks of working in a theme park for many
years. My days are numbered as retirement is in the near future.
Reading the last chapter literally brought me to tears. Knowing that
all the things that you hated about the job actually is part of the
job that we truly love and that final day will be the hardest of them
all.” - Mike LaFlamme, theme park worker

“The Characters Within” is a whimsical perspective of a woman pursuing
her writing dreams while trapped in a dead-end job at a theme park.
With characters directly inspired by real people, Sunshine Rodgers
incorporates her life experiences and spins them into a tale that even
those who have never worked at a theme park can appreciate. A
fast-paced story about love and sometimes overlooking what is staring
at you in the face, “The Characters Within” can and should be enjoyed
by all ages for a good lighthearted read sure to earn a smile.”
Quinn Rhyne, former theme park worker

Reviews for "Andrew's First Act" :

"This book is a great humorous novel but also within the humor is love and fun and a solid Christian base. In this book, you’re going to learn valuable lessons. It’s a short book but it packs a punch. This is not my first book by this author but I think it might be my favorite." 

 - Book Blogger: For Him and His Family

“This wonderful story kept me wanting to read more and more. Having two stories combined into one was exciting and easy to follow. The characters in the book were so intriguing and I felt like I knew them all. I had such a fun time reading this!”

-Kathleen Dart, theme park worker

"I loved the message of this book! I thought it was one that needs to be out there, since it can be easy to get caught up in the romance and forget that the true love story is when  we sacrifice and work through things, making a marriage out of what life throws at you. This is an excellent story to pick up!" - Amanda N. 

"It was in interesting read, with a perspective that I hadn't had before." - Tena

"This is the first book that I have read by this author. I remember being a new Christian and being confused by the Trinity. I wish I would have had this book during that time.  Her writing is clear and concise. This does a good job breaking down that God will never leave us, nor will he forsake us. For new Christians this is important to know. " - Connie H. 

"I enjoyed the book and definitely agree with the premise upon which it’s written. Sometimes all a marriage needs to succeed and for both parties to be fulfilled is Christ at the center. This novel was entertaining and had a very straightforward message." - Andrea C.